Cao Nguyen Tea Co., Ltd., was established in the mid-year 1992. To August 1993 the Company had been granted a Business registration licence No. 000572 GP/TLND-02 by Lam Dong Province People's Committee

Initial stage, the main operation of the Company was imported various kinds of superior tea seedlings from Taiwan and planted tea nursery.

From the beginning of 1993 to August 1994, company had completed the cultivation various kinds of superior tea seedlings:

Taiwan tea
  • High Mountain Oolong tea
  • Jinxuan Oolong tea
  • Four-Season Oolong tea

Japanese tea :

  • Yabukita
  • Meiryoku

After more than 5 years investing and building basically tea garden , at the beginning fo the 1998, company began to exploite and harvest tea products. The total area is 106 hectares of tea gardens, harvest 86 hectares.

The company has processing factories premium teas, high quality. With modern machinery and equipment systems, can actively adjust the processing delicious teas according to the requirements of each market in each country and major customers

Along with the business, our company always aims to the production and processing of natural teas useful and healthy to get the best products delivered to consumers. With enthusiasm, our company successfully invented "Bitter Gourd Tea Refined" with many helpful uses for human health.

In exhibition fairs Vietnamese tea culture week 1999, there are six types of tea: High Mountain Oolong tea, Jinxuan Oolong tea, Oolong Vietnam, Bitter Gourd tea, Little Pearl Jasmine Baimao tea. Get six gold medal