Through many options and researches, Bitter Gourd Tea was invented by Mr. Lâm Tư Quang (technical advisor). Unlike any other teas, Cao Nguyen Bitter Gourd Tea has exclusive formula which is produced according to the main criteria of our company that help to protect human health. Especially, the Bitter Gourd Tea has been received invention patent about utility solution product number "H1-0185" from The National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam and it also received many praises from customers in United State, Canada, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan...

The benefits of mountain bitter gourd tea

  • Increase the liver and kidney function, clear defecating and piss conveniently, and sleep well, stabilize the blood pressure.
  • Support digesting, reduce fats, fights obesity, and help fight diabetes
  • Contain iron, and much Vitamins, provide energy for skin, maintain beauty


Instruction for use

1) Put 2 tea spoon s of tea in a tea pot (tea spoon provided)
2) Fill tea pot with 400-500ml of hot water (100*C)
1st, allow to steep for 1 minute
2nd, allow to steep for 3 minutes
3) Drinking tea instead of water regularly to maintain a healthy body. The tea should be kept warm for the best taste