Oolong tea seedling was imported from Taiwan. The Taiwan tea experts have listed Oolong tea at "the first class" in many kinds of delicious Taiwan tea.

In our country, climate and soil are different comparing with Taiwan; the tea plan was not adaptable at the first period of time. Throughout few years of researching and gathering special cares to fertilize for the Oolong tea plan, marvelously, it has grown up and spread well in Lam Dong, Viet Nam.

Oolong tea has been produced in the manufactory of Cao Nguyen Tea Co., Ltd., Final product does not only have appearance to taste, and tea water color perfectly, but it also attains a standard of delicious and superior as Taiwan Tea.

Our Oolong teas as follows:

  • High Mountain Oolong tea
  • Four- Season Oolong tea
  • Jinxuan Oolong tea